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A mature PVP Minecraft server with the adventure of Hexxit combined with the longevity of Tekkit. Take a look around!



Check out what mods are avaliable.

We like to provide a challenging and dynamic adventure with the real threat of PVP using Towny, Better Dungeons and even some new mods like Big Reactors!
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Stern but Fair

EVOLVE would like to create a fair and mature environment so if you act like an elitest prick you will be banned. Children you are welcome, yes little timmie you too just dont be a f*cking idiot and have a good time :)

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Server Shop

To faciliate a working economy we have setup a server shop which is located in Spawn, here you can sell diamonds, gold, and silver ingots for money. Additionally you can make a few extra dollars over at the Arena, we do suggest bringing a friend!

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  • Yaaar!


    Visn - avatar Visn 08-28-2013

    Yarr! Out on the open sea there are plenty of oppurtunities for delicious lewt, not so much the smaller ships however the larger (more deadly) pirate ships are actually a really a good time. Id suggest bringing someone with you on your first attempt. The...

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EVOLVE | A Minecraft Server

Setting Up Shop

21-08-2013 Aceras - avatar Aceras

Setting Up Shop

So you've set up that automated system and have WAY too much stuff on your hands. Well, look no further, you're in need of a Shop!   Take a look at the...

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Towny Information

21-08-2013 Aceras - avatar Aceras

Towny Information

Creating a town is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your goodies. It may very well be the only way to do so.    So, if you're in need...

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BIG Reactors! Damn I love Multi-Blocks

21-08-2013 Visn - avatar Visn

BIG Reactors! Damn I love Multi-Blocks

About 3 weeks ago, while we here at EVOLVE were attempting to compile a list of must have mods to pile into this build, we came across Big Reactors. We...

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Mob Arena

21-08-2013 Aceras - avatar Aceras

Mob Arena

Welcome to the EVOLVE Spawn Mob Arena, we encourage new users come watch or even participate. You should also keep it mind it is quite tough alone so bring a...

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SERVER IP: server.evolve-minecraft.com


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Visn - 29/08/2013 - 17:17

We would like to welcome all the new players - we hope you enjoy your stay!

Visn - 28/08/2013 - 22:02

If you are having connection issues please have a look at our "How To Connect"

Aceras - 23/08/2013 - 01:42

real nice website you've got here. real nice

Visn - 22/08/2013 - 00:49


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